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how to erase parchment?

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This piece of parchment is already a palimpsest, so I cannot imagine that it will do any more harm to erase it again in order that I may write upon it. But how do I go about erasing sheep skin parchment? What are the most effective tools for the task?
asked in platform by theEraser (470 points)

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You can erase parchment by scraping away at it with a sharp metal tool or a pumice stone. If that sounds difficult, it is. To do this reasonably well, you should consider getting a professional - a "parchment restorer". However, those are likely in short supply these days. As you can see in this palimpsest below, you will have to make do with an incomplete erasure. It will makes sense to construct your "fresh" book from from the parchment leaves that you erase the most effectively or are the least damaged. Recompile those leaves into a manuscript and you're ready to go.    Lewis-E-196 - 85v-86r


answered by CtrlZ (600 points)

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