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how to delete a question from quora? - how to delete
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how to delete a question from quora?

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How do I remove a question that I posted on
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2 Answers

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According Quora's policy on deleting questions that you post:

After adding a question, the OP (original poster of the question) has a grace period during which he or she is permitted to delete the question; this grace period ends when a certain level of activity on the page has occurred

Expect to be able to delete a question only in a very short window of time or before anyone starts posting replies or too many people follow the question.

how to delete a quora question

To delete the question:

1. Go to the question page.

2. Click "Options" under the question.

3. Click "Delete Question".

You will then be asked to give an explanation for the deletion of the question. By the grace of Quora, the question will then be deleted.

answered by theEraser (470 points)
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You have a grace period during which you are permitted to delete your question. Click the Options link directly below your question. A drop down menu will appear and you should be able to click on Delete Question. However, once this grace period is over, you will not be able to delete your question.

answered by tamarasherwood (140 points)
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