/graff/it/i new york city
beta version 1
by Christo de Klerk

Identify and trace the near past paths of New York City reading and overwriting graffiti.

spoor - "track, trace," 1823, from Afrikaans spoor, from M.Du. spor, cognate with O.E. spor "footprint, track, trace". [Etymonline]

graffito - plural for graffiti, but in an archaeological context it includes authorized and deliberate markings. graff/it/i uncovers the formal inscriptions that the city makes in identifying and erasing graffiti [Wikipedia]

Graffiti locations are mapped from an NYC issued data set. The data set is updated monthly. That data is then extracted, transformed, and loaded into the graff/it/i database. [NYC OpenData]


graff/it/i nyc

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